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Pippa's Birth

My partner Wil and I attended your Calmbirth course in March when I was 6 months pregnant, because I wanted a natural birth without any medical pain relief. Your course gave me the confidence that I could achieve this and I did.

Kelly, Torrie and Baby A.'s Birth Story

We both wanted a natural drug free birth. I started yoga, swimming and walking and cut out all of the no no foods. No caffeine, not even a sip of alcohol, no panadol throughout my pregnancy.  We really wanted the most natural start for Bub.


Finn's Birth Story

When I found out that I was pregnant I had two fears about birth; that my low threshold for pain would lead me to give up in labour and that the uncertainty of birth would mean I would have to surrender control (something I’m not good at!)  

A Fathers Story - A Man’s Perspective

Last week my wife Katrina gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She had a natural, drug free birth, a 5.5hour labour and said the experience was "beautiful".


Archie's Birth Story

Antony and I attended calmbirth classes with Tracey, after a recommendation from a fellow school parent during an information night at my son’s school. I was anxious about the impending birth, as the birth of my first child had been long and unpleasant. 

Alexander's Birth Story

Alexander, your birth story begins at around 6 am on Wednesday April 9, 2008 when I first felt some weak sensations in my uterus. I was so excited. By the time Jamie, dad, woke up at 7, I was feeling regular tightening at about 3 minutes apart. 

Chloe's Birth Story

"Hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Years. It certainly has been an exciting time of year and we can proudly say that we have joined the ranks of excited parents.

Patrick's Birth Story

Sarah and I are proud to announce the arrival of Patrick Jerome Sloan. He was born on Monday morning at 3.41am, weighing 4.3kg and 56cm in length.


Elia's Birth Story - Elia’s beautiful birth

Now that I have my beautiful baby boy with me I look back to the nine months I carried him with I guess you’d call it curiosity. I’m curious as to why I was so consumed with how his birth would be and how I could influence how it was played out.  

Leon Arrives

Thank you again so much for giving us the opportunity to do Calm Birth - it really made all the difference in terms of giving us the confidence in ourselves to birth our first baby naturally.


Harper May

I was fortunate enough to experience a smooth and comfortable second pregnancy and looked forward to birthing our baby naturally through the techniques we had gathered at the Calmbirth courses we attended during both pregnancies.

Zara's Story

Zara is our second child and the birth of our son was quite a traumatic event.  After planning for a natural birth with him, the labour lasted a very long 30 hours, 


Eamon's birth

Hi Tracey, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for sharing the Calmbirth technique with us.


Bridget, Jake and James

Dear Tracey, Sorry I have taken so long to contact you. My husband Jake and I attended your course on Mondays 8th and 15th of Feb and now have a amazing 4 week old boy called James! 



Hi Tracey, I just wanted to let you know how we all got on. Angus and I have a perfect little girl called Harriet Sylvia Grace. She is so calm and peaceful.


Elliot - A Loving Birth

Hi Tracey, I thought I would send you an email to let you know our birth experience using CalmBirth.  Gavin and I attended your course in October last year.


Calm Birthing Thomas

I just had to put into words what an amazing experience it was to birth our son. As you know when I first came to you I was very challenged by of the concepts in the Calmbirth course,

Aronin's Birth Story

We just wanted to write to say thank you so much for taking us through the Calm Birth class. At the beginning of the pregnancy we never thought that the pregnancy and Aronin’s birth could be such a beautiful experience.

Jess & Jack

Hi Tracey, Just letting you know that my beautiful boy Jack finally made his way into the world on the 3rd of October (I'm a little late in telling you I know!) He certainly was a whopper - 9lb 2oz, 53 cm long and a 40cm head circumference! 

Michelle, Ray & Amber Rose

Hi Tracey, Sorry again for taking so long to get back to you. And thank you for the fantastic book you sent, It arrived at a time I needed it most and helped me to return to myself and become the mother I had wanted to be. 

Georgina Susanne

Karl and I just wanted to let you know that we had a little girl, Georgina Susanne Newport, on Thurs 12/04/12 at 6.25pm weighing 3.5kg after 18hrs of active labour. This is our birth story. 


Finn's story

I awoke at 8 am with the awareness that today was the day I was going to birth my baby. I had a slight tension in my lower belly and pelvis, a little like period cramping, but did not feel much else. Over the next hour, I noticed the mucus ‘show’. 

Henry's story

We called Tracey on the Tuesday as my waters had broken yet labour had not progressed. Following our conversation we were given information in the form of a study about the potential risks of infection following waters breaking.

Giving birth to Ailly

On Easter Friday my partner Paul drove me over to my friend Kath’s parents house for brunch. He was off to the snowy mountains to camp the night and go fishing for trout.


Lucy's story

As a medical doctor with some experience in obstetrics I felt intellectually prepared for having a baby. Childbirth seemed to be a natural process.


Levi James

I just wanted to send you an email to introduce our new bundle of joy, Levi James Williams who was born on 31 August 2011 at 5.31am, 3.52kg, a little early at 37 weeks, by a natural breech birth. (yes, you read right) in under 4 hours.


Here Sebu is coming up on 3 months and I still have not shared our story with you. Here it is.



Ysobel Lucia

Ysobel Lucia Bryant made her entrance into the world at 10:59pm on Wednesday 13 April. We're all totally in love and happy!



Just an email to let you all know that we had our little girl on Good Friday. Emmy was born just before 10 in the morning weighing 3.26kg and 47.5cm long.


Little Joshua

On 14 March we welcomed little Joshua into the world!