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Why choose us?

I have worked with hundreds of families providing ongoing education, support and local resources that can make the experience of welcoming your baby an enjoyable one, free of fear and worry.

Start by coming along to a calmbirth® class to suit you, and join the calmbirth® Canberra community. You will receive a lot of extra local information about services for before and after the birth of your baby and continual support even after completing the course.

Calmbirth® has a very different focus to many of the hospital classes.

During the classes we focus on you, your baby, your body, your mind (including the sub conscious) and your partner.

Hospital classes tend to focus on the stages of labour and educating women on the procedures that you may or may not need.

Calmbirth® develops skills and works towards creating a deeply relaxed physiological response within the woman’s body, essential for labour, birth and beyond.

Hospital classes provide information and knowledge.

Calmbirth® creates confidence and excitement around birth, that comes from experiences and knowledge gained from the class.

Hospital classes can sometimes create more fear or anxieties around giving birth.


Both have their place in the preparation for having a baby.