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Meegan & Derek

Just wanted to say thanks for all the Calmbirth tips, they really paid off. My son Eden's birth was even better than my daughter Nova's.

 I spent most of the labor at home riding the waves and focusing on my cervix opening like a flower. At times I was not even sure if I was in labor as the intensity of the waves varied from mild to strong. When the contractions were 7 minutes apart and I was a bit 'pushy' at the end of each one I called the midwife.  She said we should go to the birth centre.  A few more contractions while Derek finished putting Nova to bed, we threw the bags in the car and got to the Birth Centre at 10:10pm. I had few contractions standing up then got down on the matt on the floor and started pushing.  Eden was born at 10:44pm.  No drugs, no interventions and no tears,

and that after having a second degree tear last time – this time only a slight graze.  Some of my first words after the birth were "I can't believe how easy that was!". We also noticed how aware Eden was as soon as he was born.  Eyes open and on the breast in the first half hour.

 We came home the next day and Eden has gone from strength to strength, is putting on weight, feeding and sleeping well.  We're living on planet baby at the moment and enjoying every minute.  Nova is adjusting fairly well but of course would like more time with mummy so we are careful to do all we can.


Meegan & Derek