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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do a Calmbirth® Course?

 Calmbirth® has a very different focus to many of the hospital classes. 

  • During the classes we focus on you, your baby, your body, your mind (including the sub conscious) and your partner.
  • Hospital classes tend to focus on the stages of labour and educating women on the procedures that you may or may not need.
  • Calmbirth® develops skills and works towards creating a deeply relaxed physiological response within the woman’s body, essential for labour, birth and beyond.
  • Hospital classes provide information and knowledge.
  • Calmbirth® creates confidence and excitement around birth, that comes from experiences and knowledge gained from the class.
  • Hospital classes can sometimes create more fear or anxieties around giving birth.
  • Both have their place in the preparation for having a baby.

When Should I do the Calmbirth® classes?

Anytime from 20 weeks on (or earlier if you are feeling particularly anxious). The benefits from doing calmbirth® earlier in your pregnancy are many; 

  • It gives you plenty of time to practice the skills associated with what you learn.
  • There are many things you learn about the incredible intelligence of your baby, this can lead to enhanced communication and bonding between you and your baby.
  • The baby benefits enormously from the relaxation practice and your calmer state, and can actually lead to a calmer baby when born.
  • It brings your partner more clearly into the experience, as they share the journey with you, through a much greater understanding.
  • It helps you to clearly identify the things you need to do to prepare for the arrival of your baby, therefore giving you more time to prepare.
  • It highlights things you can do to support your body towards a greater health and well being, leading to a stronger and healthier mother and baby.


If you complete calmbirth® early in your pregnancy, you will be welcome to attend any further calmbirth group classes, later on in your pregnancy for FREE. (Only available at www.calmbirthcanberra.com.au)

Does my partner need to come?

This is the birth of a family, and it is preferable for them to come. 

Calmbirth® recognises the important and instrumental role partners can play in supporting the woman to give birth to her baby and your partner will receive a very clear list of things they can do to support you while you are birthing.

Partners benefit enormously from the information provided, as it has implications not just for birth, but for life!

Couples often find that it brings them together, feeling more connected, as they both have the same knowledge and awareness of the process.

Sometimes partners choose not to be at the birth, and not all birthing women have partners. This in no way excludes you from experiencing the benefits of Calmbirth®.

We do suggest however that you explore the possibility of having a birth support person if you do not have a partner or a partner that chooses not to be present at the birth. This can be in the form of friend, family member, or a doula (Professional Birth Support Person) I have listed the names of some wonderful doulas in the useful links section of this website.

Research has shown that the presence of a doula or support person, can reduce the length of labour significantly, and minimise the need for intervention and medication. We would be happy for you to invite any birth support person or doula along to the classes so they understand what it is you are doing and how they can be of support.


"I was so happy with how our labour went and I loved experiencing it with Lachie. He was amazing and I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. His relaxed and loving nature made me feel safe and calm. I really believe that for a first baby it progressed quickly because I didn't fight the process, I accepted the contractions and we worked hard to bring Finn into the world. It was intense, fast and challenging but worth every second of it when Finn was placed on my chest at 9.14am. Since arriving home things have been great. 

Finn is a calm and content baby" - Amber.

Would Individual Session Classes Suit Me Better?

We also provide the option to have individual sessions of the programme for couples or mothers and their birthing partners. We cover the same material that is in the group session classes, but customise it to suit your personal circumstances.

Individual Session Classes May be More Suited to You if:

  • You can’t make the dates listed in the Group classes offered
  • You do not like learning in group situations
  • You or your partner are in the public eye, and prefer privacy.
  • You have special needs. This might include a past traumatic birth experience, special family circumstances, lack of support or specific medical issues.

 The individual session classes are so beneficial and powerful as they can be tailored to your specific needs and the environment is much more personal and intimate which some people will be more comfortable with.

 "When I found out that I was pregnant I had two fears about birth; that my low threshold for pain would lead me to give up in labour and that the uncertainty of birth would mean I would have to surrender control (something I’m not good at!) We were fortunate enough to have attended a Calm Birth Course early in my pregnancy. This course enabled me to view our baby’s birth as something to look forward to, not to dread. It gave me confidence and a firm belief that my body is perfectly designed to birth our baby" - Laura (Individual Sessions).

Course Times and Duration

The calmbirth® program itself takes 12 hours to complete.

Weekend and Day time Workshops are conducted over two full days, from 9.30-5pm (with 1 hour for lunch).
Evening sessions are conducted over 4 evenings from 6:30-9:30pm.
If the dates or times don’t suit, then please speak to me about mixing your days within the various groups scheduled.
Calmbirth® Canberra Support sessions are available Thursday mornings from 12-1:30pm. 

Individual calmbirth® sessions are either during the weekdays, or evenings. Times for the individual sessions are by negotiation.

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